About us

Chef and Pastry Chef

Our Culinary Adventure

Welcome to “Al Covino, where our passion for cooking comes to life in this new experience.

We are a close-knit team, with a story that begins in the corridors of a starred restaurant, where destiny intertwined our paths and gave life to a shared dream.

We are Claudio, an expert chef with a deep-rooted passion for authentic ingredients, and Claudia, a talented pastry chef expert in the subtle art of balancing flavours.

We decided to embark on this journey together, bringing with us not only the skills honed in the kitchens of renowned restaurants, but also the determination to offer an authentic and welcoming gastronomic experience.

Every dish we present is the result of years of commitment, study and love for cooking.
We are thrilled to share our fascinating taste adventure with you and welcome you into the world of Al Covino’s unique flavors.

chef e pasticciera